High Bastion

High Bastion

High Bastion is effectively the united front of every nation in the continent.
The city was created as a way to nail down a truce between the remaining nations of the last war and functions as a sanctuary for any and all who can make their way up to it.

All Houses have a few embassies and at the very least, a minor headquarters in the city.

The city is kept aloft by a massive gyro-sphere of spinning elemental rings with hundreds of bound earth elementals.

Naturally the self-defense system is made up of a several dozen warships, countless skiffs and sentinels, a vast array of magical turrets and of course, four gargantuan Arcane-Shock Cannons.

The city houses absolutely anything and everything that you could want or wish for. From fine wines and culinary delights, to masters of the trades of every craft in existence. Not to mention the shadowy chasms and alleyways of the slums, with offers of the less acceptable goods and services.

There are roughly 5 districts in the city;

The Central Spire -(Home to all civic and governing bodies)

The Entertainment District -(Bars, Stores, Inns; self-explanatory)

Trade District -(Any exotic or mundane good or service, for a price)

Academic District -(The Grand Atheneum, Io University, Aasterinian College)

Military District -(Training-grounds, The Warport, The Barracks)
After “The Coup” against the former leaders of the city, HaVoc became the leader of the Free People of Khorvaire and left your party for dead in the middle of nowhere.

After events forced him into confrontation with your party, he left the city and came to kill not only your allies, but also IX and Sorin.

Though he failed in this, he became a martyr, and since then his created son, CiVIl, has ruled in his place of the Free People of Khorvaire.

High Bastion

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