Found as a toddler in a frosted pass of the Ironroot Mountains, Fela was raised by Baelgrim as his own daughter.

Baelgrim hypothesizes that Fela’s parents were murdered by Frost-Barbarians or Ice-Giants which roam in small tribes through the mountains.

It comes as no surprise that dwarven tenancies have brushed off on Fela as she grew up in the capital city.

Fela’s “rifle” is actually a pet-project that began as a intricate arbalest and evolved to the menacing machine it is today. Constantly seeking to improve it, it’s not uncommon to see a few new flashy scopes or add-ons being tested, or a new custom type of ammunition being loaded in.

Adept with all sorts of mechanisms and machinery, she effectively has become her adoptive father’s go-to mechanic and inventor. Outside of Baelgrim, (and maybe even Neirys if he somehow asked) Fela keeps her knowledge of magical-tech a close secret.

In light of recent events, Fela has grown fearful of the parties reckless tendencies, though she understands risk is part of the job, she can’t help but worry about the well-being of her allies, old and new.


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