Stormhold is a medium-sized city on the southern coast of the continent. Most magical technology is absent from the city aside from some infrastructure and novelty uses.
Inhabited mostly by former war heroes, retired mercenaries, and mages; the city tends to be a safer place.

Tight control and sanctions are placed on those who enter by customs agents who keep a close eye on goods moving into and out of the city.

As a result, normal magical goods are effectively not available in shops.
Most weapons sold are forged under strict guidelines.
Finally, City gates open and close at 6am and 6pm respectively.

Though tough to get used to for travelers, the residents find the piece of mind and relative safety to be well worth the inconveniences.

Mayor Johd Tahm’sun is actually the former leader of The High Bastion’s city guard. Now in his later years, he still runs a tight ship with help from his citizens.


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