Neirys of The Tide-Striders


Through trial and error, embarrassing charades / pantomimes, illustrations, and perseverance Baelgrim has scrounged up the following information about Neirys.

  • He is a member of The Tide-Striders Clan.
  • His Clan and family disappeared from their homes while Neirys was out on a reconnaissance mission
  • He (obviously) does not speak common, dwarven, elvish, or any other “mundane” language. Though he understands them well enough. It is sacrilege for him to speak them.

Neirys treats all outsiders with suspicion until they earn his trust, after which he gives them much more leeway in interactions with him.

Neirys most common weapons of choice are his hydromantic-based whip and lance, though he has shown himself to be perfectly capable of transmuting them into other styles of weaponry at ease.

Despite the language barrier, Baelgrim and Neirys have a friendly on ongoing tally of who has saved whose ass more times.

More recently, Neirys has found that his clan has likely been exterminated by the Ember Seers. Though Baelgrim offered to continue the search for stragglers like himself, he has declined and has grown increasingly despondent.

Neirys of The Tide-Striders

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