Eberron D&D

The Story So Far...

Act I

Your story began in what was a small mining community of Alters End, off the southern shores of Khorvaire. After finding that the city itself was gearing up to become one of the continents famous flying cities you secured passage tot he mainland in the form of doing some dirty work for your employer, Baelgrim “Goldfist” Mroranon.

After leaving, your party tussled with some pirates and their airship in a bout of ship to ship combat that eventually involved the destruction of both airships in the air-space of the city of High-Bastion. Being saved only by the arrival of Sorin and his subordinates HaVoc and IX.

After arrival in the city and encountering the one and only Overly-Affectionate Hobo, Grummis&Grummis, as well as Atlas partying until he was sick with Valis Orien, The party got their new mission – Break into the a cultists headquarters on the day of the city council’s city-wide address and deal with their leader, who would certainly be locked away scrying in his chambers.

Meanwhile Sorin and his party would leave to defend the city council from any attacks during the ceremonies.

After narrowing dodging death with a sentient statue, the party makes its way to the top of the headquarters and after a long battle, defeats the cultist leader and his summoned obsidian golem from the plane of chaos.

Immediately following this the party witnesses the city councils betrayal at the hands of HaVoc, before they can truly react they are capture by the city’s high-guard, deported, and left to die in the middle of the open plains.

Act II

Eventually, the party reaches the port-town of Stormhold and makes acquaintances with a shaman and ardent who are willing to follow the party around. Upon leaving the city they take off for the lighting rail station at Basildon while dodging search parties from High Bastion.

After making it to the station and getting on board the party is confronted by a High Bastion dropship that unleashed a Warforged-Titan unto the roof of the rail-cars. In a heated exchange, the party manages to throw it off the roof of the cars and get back inside in time for hors d’oeuvres.

After arriving in the Mror Holds the party takes off for an adventure in the woods for the Umbra-Moon Festival while Baelgrim finishes the parties airship. The adventure resolves with a case of vampirism, some fine ass clothes, and some vampire teeth stashed away.

After some city exploits the party moves out with the goal of stopping the Ataxian Cult from converging on Alters End, however with some spare time on their hands they move out to look for any signs of Nierys’ clan – The Tide Striders. After shelling and ravaging a camp of Ember-Seers the party takes “hostages” and moves to their capital to look for answers

After finding the morbid truth of the situation the party goes into full retreat, (instant friends antics and all) upon reaching the airship the party fights off, a dragon rider by throwing him to his doom as well as defeating, and subsequently resurrecting his dragon mount.

Shortly after Neirys orders all the “hostages” off the ship, choosing to neither condemn them, nor save them. He returns to his quarters and became reclusive, well, more-so than usual.

After they finish their work, the party moves to alters end to put an end once and for all the the Ataxian Cult, after dropping into the city mid-riot, they push into the central structure and find a Seismic Pulse Bomb primed and ready to drop onto an inhabited island below. After a moment they witness Sorin and IX thrown into a wall by HaVoc, a Warforged-Titan, and a High-Guard Lieutenant.

A high-stakes battle ensues, ultimately resulting in the detonation of the bomb on the island below, loss of limb by Atlas, and also in the death of HaVoc himself.


After leaving the area and hiding out in the Mror Holds during a government sanctions headhunt for the party. They eventually find the city safe after the headhunters are shipped out by the city officials for overstaying their welcome. They party engages in lollygagging with Habboc, the local pet store owner, meets up with old acquaintances and then subsequently sets off for the northern harbors to chase down the wanted man – Marnan Halfheart.

Upon reaching the area, more “information gathering” occurs and the party finds out all the neat info about Winterholm and Wintercastle, such as – a rampant gryphon rapist, the whereabouts and best ways to reach Halfhearts secluded hideout, and they also find that the local bums are being immunized against a disease unbeknownst to them by government officials in disguise as drug dealers.

After setting out in the airship, the party puts their information to use and sets up to drop in just a short ways up the coastline from Marnan’s base of operations.

Upon reaching it, the party makes their way in, easily executing and dismembering the remianing bandits that reminaed willing to hang around after the many raids on Marnan’s compound.

After a bout of free fall combat the party makes nice with the newly brigand-less Marnan, and together they hatch a plan the force the city of Wintercastle into chaos while the party loots the treasury and steals some eggs from a certain hatchery and roost.

The plan, which angers the nearby clan off white dragons, and their ancient leader who nearly murders the party on her own, forces the city guard into a full out battle above the city appears to be a success as the party scampers away with their spoils.

As the party makes their getaway mid battle in the airship a lone white dragon follows the party to their rendezvous point with Marnan & Co. In the distance the frozen lake erupts in fissures and collapses.



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